Main Lodge

The Main Lodge warmly welcomes all visitors and is a nostalgic venture into the "good old days" with its rustic, comfortable decor. It has a small family-type full liquor bar, a "candy corner," light lunches, an open-pit natural rock fireplace, game, pool table, juke box, and a TV. It is fully carpeted and has an intriguing wall of rounds of natural timbers. Full windows give a panoramic view of the lake from the Lodge. This is an amazingly "versatile" facility. It's a fun gathering place for families and friends, with sing-a-longs, "spontaneous" entertainment, or the exchange of "big fish stories." On a Sunday the Lodge may resemble a "chapel" (convenient church services for fishermen!) or may be full of balloons for a Birthday Party.

Lake Map - PDF Download

Click here to download a map of the lakes.